A16. Croatian Mother, Chlorine Dioxide and Autism: A MOST POWERFUL testimonial of a cure

Meet Helena, a mother of 2 autistic children. Well, they used to be on the spectrum of autism. She tells her story about life before learning Clo2 protocols and how her sons have recovered using it. When this happened, she made a promise to God that she would dedicate her life to helping other parents learn about what the real causes of autism are (and many other autoimune diseases). She has been vilified by her news media and had to go to court to prove that she was not actually poisoning her children with “bleach”. She ended up wining the battle of proving that Clo2 IS a helpful treatment and now helps tens of thousands of parents to do the same. This is probably the most powerful testimonial that I have heard about autism and parents with autistic children. Her explanation of other autimune diseases makes more sense to me than most any other “western” medical website that I have ever read from. She is bold, knowledgeable and fearless. SHE IS A MOM! As more and more parents learn the truths about autism recovery, the established medical paradigms will crumble at the feet of these brave parents.

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