Clo2 en eventuele herxheimer


Why you feel Sick after starting Chlorine Dioxide (and Why You Should NOT Stop): Herxheimer Reaction

It happens all the time. People start taking Chloring Dioxide and after a few days they feel nausea or have diahrreah or have some other flu-like simptoms and then they wonder “is Clo2 making me sicker?”. Well, technically, the answer is “No” because Clo2 is out of your body within 2 hours of taking it. However, you could also say “Yes” because Clo2 is both Killing and Dislodging toxins and pathogins that are already in your body and your system is being Flooded with this Garbage as it tries to remove it. The bad news is that you feel flu-like simptoms for 1-3 days. The good news is that that crap will no longer be in your body and you are about to feel much better if you can just hang on and keep going. (But remember to reduce your dosage by half if you are feeling really sick – Remember the Golden rule of taking Clo2 in my book). I also show my Favorite Video that depicts what Herxheimer Reaction looks like in the body. Herxheimer = Feeling sick because of a “die off” of toxins

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