Dr. Judy Mikovits warns spike protein “vaccine” injections may ….

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Dr. Judy Mikovits warns spike protein “vaccine” injections may kill millions

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Dr. Judy Mikovits talked about how Anthony Fauci lied to people so many times since he became the director of NIAID. She recounted how Fauci lied to people about HIV in the 1980s to create fear and noted that the game plan is still the same.

Adams and Mikovits also discussed how the mainstream media backtracked from their initial stance that the lab-leak theory was a conspiracy theory. Adams noted that the Washington Post and New York Times had to go back and retroactively edit their old articles as they embraced the possibility that the virus might have originated from a lab. Mikovits said they can now backtrack all they want because they have already injected millions of people around the world with a synthetic deadly virus. They’ve injected the poison, she said. They can back off now, Mikovits said, because they’ve accomplished their endgame – which is to kill millions of people.

Mikovits, co-author of a new book titled “Ending Plague,” urged people to never ever get another dose of vaccine. She said Fauci and his cohorts are murdering people to cover up their crime of creating past and present diseases.

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