Dr. Rath has solutions for virus and fi Cancer through micronutrients – excellent historical view on how big pharma did en does work ….

In a new video interview Dr. Matthias Rath talks to Tom Zwitser from the Blue Tiger Europe team as part of its ‘Philosophy in Times of War’ series. Revealing the truth about the criminal nature of the pharmaceutical industry and its role in the perpetration of two world wars, Dr. Rath describes the function of the Brussels EU as the politburo for German patent laws and explains why stakeholders of pharmaceutical interests are actively preparing for a new global conflict. Published at a time when the people of the world are urgently seeking answers to the coronavirus crisis, this interview is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand the bigger picture behind the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s global mission of ‘Health for All’.

As Dr. Rath explains in this interview, in the future there will hopefully be a greater worldwide awareness of the need to limit the power of pharmaceutical interests by finding new ways to incentivize technological development and progress in the field of health, but without the downsides that come through the granting of patents on the human body and food. Stressing that achieving this will be a real challenge for humanity, Dr. Rath makes the point that reflecting on these things peacefully and finding solutions are the only ways we can prevent another military escalation from occurring.

Dr. Rath also explains that these current times are not just about the coronavirus. Instead, the pandemic and the way in which pharmaceutical interests are benefitting from it are simply an expression of the transitional period in which we are living. Nevertheless, he says, we need to be fully aware that these interests are actively preparing for another global conflict. We must therefore expose them, speak the truth, and open up the facts of history. The only peaceful way to do this is through education.

As Dr. Rath describes at the end of this interview, every study that shows the benefits of micronutrients to human health, every car that is powered by solar energy, every organic garden that is planted, and every school class that teaches nutritional health is a nail in the coffin of pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical interests and a contribution to world peace.

We urge you to watch this important interview, share it widely, and do everything you can to work towards a healthier, more peaceful world.


a very knowladgeable man on history from ww1 en ww2 and the role of the EU keeping the same powers in action ….

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