If I get vaccinated….


If I get vaccinated….

– Can I stop wearing the mask?
– Government: No

– Can the restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. reopen and everyone work normally?
– Government: No

– Am I resistant to covid?
– Government: Maybe, but we don’t know for sure…..

– At least I am no longer contagious to others?
– Government: No, you can still pass it on, possibly no one knows.

– If we vaccinate all children, will school go on as normal?
– Government: No

– If I am vaccinated, can I stop social dissociation?
– Government: No

– If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?
– Government – No

– If I vaccinate myself and my grandpa, can we hug?
– Government: No

– Will movie theaters, theaters and stadiums reopen thanks to vaccines?
– Government: No

– May the vaccinated be able to gather [events; parties].
– Government: No

– What is the real benefit of vaccination?
– Government: The virus will not kill you.

– Are you sure it won’t kill me?
– Government: No

– If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway…. Why should I get vaccinated?”
– Government: To protect others.

– So if I get vaccinated, others are 100% sure I won’t infect them?
– Government: No, we are not sure.

So, to summarize: The Covid 9 vaccine….

– Does not give immunity.
– Does not eliminate the virus.
– Does not prevent death.
– Doesn’t guarantee you won’t get it.
– Doesn’t stop you from getting it.
– Does not stop you from passing it on.
– Doesn’t preclude the need for travel bans.
– Doesn’t preclude the need for business closures.
– Doesn’t preclude the need for closures.
– doesn’t preclude the need for concealment.

It is so absurd and I wonder why there are people who let this happen to them.


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