Meet Edward Bernays ( on propaganda )

Description:You’ve heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you’ve never heard of him? This week, we dish the dirt on Freud’s American nephew, the man who literally wrote the book on propaganda, and paved the way for women’s smoking, fluoride poisoning our water supply and the invasion of Guatemala, among other masterful acts of PR.

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Documentation – London bombs justify tortureTime Reference:03:44Description:Bush says the victims of the same-time, same-place London bomb ‘drills’ would be happy the US is torturing in their name.Link To:The Guardianhe:Documentation – ICBC deposes Citigroup as Chinese Banks Rule in New World OrderTime Reference:05:04Description:The New World Order involves the most corrupt and sadistic government on earth being in charge of the finances…got it.Link To:Bloomberghe:Documentation – RCMP slammed for storing secret files on CanadiansTime Reference:06:24Description:The RCMP have been caught with their hands in the surveillance cookie jar again. Google the McDonald Commission and ask me if I’m surprised.Link To:CBChe:Documentation – Edward Bernays on Public RelationsTime Reference:07:39Description:The master speaksLink To:NPRhe:Documentation – PropagandaTime Reference:09:00Description:The book on the art of propaganda by one of its most cunning practitioners.Link To:The American Expatriatehe:Documentation – Freud’s Nephew and the Origins of Public RelationsTime Reference:10:30Description:NPR whitewash about how Bernays sold us on bacon and eggs…and inspired Goebbels. But he wasn’t a bad person…Link To:NPRhe:Documentation – The Century of the SelfTime Reference:20:54Description:An extremely insightful documentary about the use of psychoanalysis to control the masses in ‘democratic’ societies.Link To:Information Liberationhe:Documentation – Second Thoughts About Fluoride reports Scientific AmericanTime Reference:26:29Description:Reuters report on the SciAm article about fluoride’s toxic effects.Link To:Reutershe:Documentation – Fluoride in the concentration camp drinking waterTime Reference:26:56Description:The Nazis used fluoride to create docile workers.Link To:Indymediahe:Documentation – Patents on fluoride rat poison & insecticidesTime Reference:27:08Description:Textbook evidence and actual patents showing how sodium fluoride was used in poisons and insecticides.Link To:Fluoride Historyhe:Documentation – Fluoride is an industrial by-productTime Reference:27:17Description:Christopher Bryson talks with Democracy Now! about his research showing how fluoride is an industrial by-product that manufacturers wanted to legally dispose of.Link To:Democracy Nowhe:Documentation – The Fluoride DeceptionTime Reference:27:53Description:An interview with Christopher Bryson, author of “The Fluoride Deception.”Link To:YouTubehe:Documentation – Bernays and GuatemalaTime Reference:30:35Description:Another clip from The Century of the Self.Link To:Information Liberationhe:Documentation – Administration rejects ruling on PR videosTime Reference:37:02Description:Talks about the 2005 scandal involving the White House buying a quarter of a billion dollars in fake news.Link To:Washington Posthe:Documentation – Administration rejects ruling on PR videosTime Reference:37:02Description:Talks about the 2005 scandal involving the White House buying a quarter of a billion dollars in fake news.Link To:Washington Posthe:Documentation – Chertoff blasts FEMA’s fake reportersTime Reference:38:46Description:Includes video report about FEMA’s fake news conference during the California wildfires.Link To:MSNBChe:Documentation – US FEMA campsTime Reference:41:17Description:Geopolitical Monitor backgrounder article on FEMA camps being built for martial law.Link To:Geopolitical Monitorhe:Documentation – InfragardTime Reference:41:29Description:Infragard members have shoot-to-kill licence in the event of martial law.Link To:The Progressivehe:Documentation – Edward Bernays believes we are stupidTime Reference:42:51Description:Another clip from The Century of the Self.Link To:Information Liberationhe:

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