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The Heart: Understanding the Vascular System, Resilience & Repair


The heart is the organ of passion, holding the key to understanding life.

On our journey through life, we often talk about following our hearts, doing things that bring joy and spreading love to those around us. When faced with challenges, we tend to sit and listen to what our heart tells us to do. It’s no wonder why we hear sayings such as “my heart skipped a beat when I met you” and “home is where the heart is.”

With death being viewed as a threat, science races to discover ways in which we can fight death, allowing us more time to follow our hearts and continue through this journey of life. In medicine, we do this by identifying risk factors — things that can cause disease and ultimately death if we are exposed to them. It should follow then that there be a cause-and-effect relationship between a risk factor and a disease. One of the most common examples is the risk factor of elevated cholesterol and the development of heart disease, also known as vascular disease.

In 1985, Nobel Award winners Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein stated “The more LDL [cholesterol] there is in the blood, the more rapidly atherosclerosis develops.” And with that, this correlation was mistaken for causation, and cholesterol became the cause of vascular disease and public enemy number one. It’s a belief held even today despite evidence and reems of scientific understanding to the contrary.

Heart disease is the focus of a tremendous amount of research, and rightfully so — it’s the leading cause of death worldwide. Through decades of study, scientists have identified multiple genes and environmental conditions that can potentially increase the risk of dying of heart disease. But trying to understand how these risks affect us is complicated.

For this reason, we’ll be exploring The Heart in our next Global Health Education webinar. Join us on Thursday, July 29 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET for a discussion that will illuminate the heart’s capacity for resilience and repair, reliance on cholesterol, ramifications of statin drugs and neo-vaccines, and the innate function of the heart as the drumbeat of love and life.

Few other topics in science are more relevant. Uplevel your understanding of the vascular system, while inviting love and wisdom into your heart.


Zach Bush MD


The Heart: Understanding the vascular system, resilience & repair
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