The climate emergency…

The Climate Emergency Hoax

Most in our world accept as true that there’s some kind of man-made “climate emergency,” for which we need SOLUTIONS! And, of course, those would all be carefully pre-planned draconian NWO track-trace-trap peasant control Solutions from those same “elite” networks that have formulated and massively funded the related BOGUS climate emergency Problem and Reaction (eg: Big Al, Little Greta, Klaus Schwab).

Understandable the average person cannot grasp that the so-called Climate Emergency is 100% FABRICATED BULLSHIT with ZERO related truth, because that would be like a Great Reset project based around a fabricated “Global Pandemic” or a supposed massive Twin Towers terrorist attack planned and executed by the Bush-Cheney US Cabal faction.

And so, yes, since its 1987 Aspen Institute kickoff meeting – David Rockefeller and Edmond de Rothschild handing the baton to Maurice Strong, he subsequently hiring Al Gore – the Climate Change Hoax has been on the Great Awakening dance card.

Top 15 Reasons That Prove Global Warming Is A Hoax

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