The Father of the PCR Test – Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis PhD Nobelist in Chemistry 1993

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Kary Mullis officially died of pneumonia in the middle of summer, on August 4, 2019, at the age of 74. This American biochemist was the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993. This brilliant scientist was the first to say that PCR technology could not be used for diagnostic purposes.

More serious in the eyes of the establishment:

The man of science had joined the camp of the “dissidents of AIDS” and had even signed the preface to the book by Peter H. Duesberg (“Inventing the AIDS virus”), this Californian retrovirologist who has always asserted that HIV is innocent {does NOT cause}in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Like the author of this rant, the prefacer argued that evidence of viral guilt was impossible to find in the medical literature.

Would Kary Mullis have been among the “corona sceptics” pointing out that Sars-Cov-2 had never been isolated in the rules of the art called Koch and Rivers postulates and that the causal link with the CoVid – 19 flu is far from being established?

We Can Imagine it a Posteriori!

What is certain is that the father of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis Noblest would have been outraged that his work was diverted to create a “pandemic of cases” or in reality a “casedemic” of the false positive CoVid – 19 cases.

In the event of a premeditated and planned crisis, his sudden disappearance a few months before the first in history atypical pneumonias were reported in Wuhan, China is simply providential.

His fatal chill rather stinks of the decision to cool him preemptively before he could open his mouth and discredit the entire CoVid – 19 ‘scamdemic’ and the ‘bad actors’ who are NOW directly responsible for the injuries and deaths of millions of souls around the World!

Dr. Robert O. Young and his break-through research on the contents of the CoV – 19 so-called ‘vaccines’!


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