Don’t look Up – look within

The movie “Don’t Look Up” might have been called “Don’t Look In.” As Osho has explained so often, don’t waste these times of crisis. Yes, the mind is bound to freak out. It has spent a lifetime convincing us all that “He’s our guy.” Logical, rational, stable, reliable, dependable, not emotional, or unpredictable….

Then along came reality.

As predicted, people are beginning to lose it. You have the feeling the world is going nuts. And you are right. From one extreme, the mind only knows one direction: to the other extreme.

The mind is just society’s current playbook. But now that kids who keeps shouting about the emperor’s clothes can’t be silenced…. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Only the centered will survive with their sanity intact. Not just survive but will blossom. So, yes, do look in. It has been waiting for you.

You couldn’t find a more powerful selection of doorways inwards here.

And don’t leave it too long. That is the mind again!

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