Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality with Edward Slavsquat – achtergrond over Rusland

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War begins. But why?

Russian authorities shut down website that tracks vaccine-linked deaths

Putin lauds AstraZeneca as it signs vaccine tie-up deal with Russia

Russia’s creepiest bank is cattle-tagging children

Sberbank to Launch Sbercoin Cryptocurrency in Russia

Sber partners with JP Morgan to pilot digital currency in 2021

The Kremlin-Big Pharma alliance

The green checkmark that cares for all Russians (Sberbank and Russia’s COVID response)

So Bad It’s Good: The Flood of FSB Fakery Deserves an Oscar (FSB “border post” fakery)

FSB Is Failing the Russian Army, State and Escalation. Big Time.

Tweet and picture of hole in the ground from vicious Ukrainian attack (we will rebuild!)

“War” won’t stop Russia’s COVID clown show

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